Tuesday, November 23, 2010

The month of November in the world of facebook was dedicated to daily updating your status with your gratitudes.  At the beginning it was very difficult for me to not say the same boring thing each day.  I am thankful for my family, I am thankful for my friends, I am thankful I have income etc etc etc.  One of my dear mentors had the most beautiful status one of these fine November mornings, and it was about the smells she was thankful for, and asked her friends to contribute to her list.  Reading that long list of smells that conjured up wonderful feelings from my past and present, made me realize that there is SO much to be thankful for, and that this should not be a difficult task, the writing of a daily status as to what I am thankful for.  

So, I began to dig deeper.  What I soon realized is that there is so much I take for granted.  I go through my day, moving from one task to another, from one appointment to another, often begrudging the to do list, and where I find myself at that moment in time.  I often rush through a moment because I know I need to get to the next moment.  Thus, trying to come up with a daily' what I am thankful for' was daunting to say the least.   That status update about scents,  followed by one about sounds, was a revelation.  Many of the sounds and scents took me back to memories of my own.  Memories that for that instant,  filled my heart with warmth and drew a smile upon my face.  It isn't that hard to realize what you are thankful for.  You just have to slow down long enough to realize you are thankful for them.  

I began to look forward to my morning status update.  I would sit with my cup of coffee, close my eyes, and let it come to me.  It has been a true blessing to just bask in the gifts that I have in my life.  The gratitude has truly grown, and this month has made me rediscover parts of me that I let life trample.  If you don't live your life, then it will live you.  When you let your life live you, then you miss out on all of these wonderful small tokens and moments and memories that carry you through times when no matter what you try, life is fighting to live you.   Hanging onto those moments.. that is what keeps you on the winning side.  Even when it feels like life is winning out, there are small blessings to be found that puts you back on top. I must remind myself to stop, even in the chaos, and look for that sliver.. that blessing. 

Learning to enjoy writing my status update.. has reintroduced me to a love of writing.  Funny.. a simple challenge in the world of facebook has taught me so much, and has truly brought about a change in me.  

I hope that all who read this will find many small moments that truly bless their hearts!

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  1. I like what you said about "living life and not letting live you". That's one I need reminding of often.