Saturday, March 26, 2011

Reclaiming Saturdays!!

Not too long ago Saturday was my favorite day.  We would sleep in a little, and have breakfast together as a family.  That was when the kids were little.  Saturday morning cartoons would entertain them while my DH and I would do breakfast.  Lunch was usually just a sandwich, and we would do some sort of activity, play outside, go to a park, or watch movies if the weather was bad.  Finally ending our day with a great dinner together at home.

Then one year we were waking up and rushing out of the house to spend the morning at games, which evolved another year to marching competitions, and eventually landing to the only day where we would just totally veg because the remainder of the 6 days of the week we ran like chickens with our heads cut off.   My DH and I have adopted a new tradition on Saturdays in that we get up, go get a coffee from our favorite drive thru coffee shop, and then take a morning drive.  That is when we get most of our talking in.  Some Saturdays we have to get up earlier than others due to the 'mandatory fun' that has been scheduled in that day.  Often times we would pick up breakfast and bring it home.  Dinner had become whichever fast food appealed that day.

This particular Saturday was not really any different than any other Saturday my family had grown accustomed to.  The boys had activities going on at their high school, the girls wanted to do things with their friends before heading back to college, and of course this past week was a crazy busy one, as usual.  I woke up this morning just as tired as I have on the previous Saturdays.  My DH and I headed out for our morning coffee and drive.  As we headed back home we questioned breakfast options.  Our usual fast food breakfast was not an option because for Lent, our family gave up fast food.  Then as if a distant memory invaded my taste buds, I said, 'I am really in the mood for Belgian Waffles'.  So, off to Walmart for a new waffle maker, and supplies, then home we went.  DH and I were so excited about doing brunch.  We had a blast in our kitchen preparing our brunch, and laughing and talking, all 6 of us.  The kids headed out their various ways, DH and I handled a few little tasks in the house, and had a quiet day at home.

After a bit the kiddos are back and laughing and talking, and the subject of dinner comes into the conversation.  With that, homemade pizza became our next quest.  Out to the store to acquire the ingredients, home to begin preparations, and once again, we are laughing, talking and having a beautiful time.  I remember why I loved Saturdays!!  We all love cooking, and conversations and great bonding occurred over these activities.

The meals were fabulous, the family time incredible, and all just what the doctor ordered.

Saturdays are back!!!

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  1. Yea!! I'm so happy for you guys! This sounds very much like our Saturdays. Enjoy your Saturday!